One Click Importer

There are two methods you can use, one is using our One-click Importer, the other is Importing manually. To go with the former option, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Jewelar click Import Demo.

2. Just click Import Demo and wait for the process to complete.

After importation is finished, you are done.

If menu of the site not looking as Mega menu or looks crashed after demo import then please follow the below steps...

  1. Please go to wp-admin and click on mega menu tab

  2. You will see menu list

  3. Click on "Primary Menu"

  4. Checked the Enable Max Mega Menu for this menu location.

  5. Select Theme "Jewelar".

If you are getting notice in top header section like below then don’t fret. follow the below steps to solve it.

  1. Please go to wp-admin and click on settings.

  2. Click on GTranslate.

  3. Select widget look as Drop down.

  4. See the widget preview.

  5. Click On save changes

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